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24 Dec 2023

Part 4-4 The Shepherds: Good News for All People

Luke 2:1-21

Ps Denis Lu

Luke 2:1-21 illustrates God's choice to reveal His extraordinary plan to the ordinary -- the shepherds, through angel Gabriel. Join us to unravel the profound significance of this divine revelation.

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About this series

It's December again, that time of the year where Christmas decorations adorn homes, streets and shopping malls. A common image you will see is that of angels. However, we often overlook their significance in the Christmas story.

Who are the angels? In the Bible, they are messengers sent by God, to bring news, whether good or bad. Whenever they appeared, they had an important message, and the message would demand a response.

It is not surprising then, that angels played an important role surrounding the birth of Jesus. In this series we will zoom in to four angelic appearances, to Zechariah (father of John the Baptist), Mary, Joseph and the shepherds. Each of them received a unique message, and despite being put in unexpected situations, they all responded in faith.

These stories continue to relate to us today, and the message that the angels delivered will draw our hearts to the baby who was born, who would be the Saviour of the world.

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