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Next Steps Academy (Sundays)

Holistic Christian Living

18 & 25 August 2024

Sunday, 12:30-3:00pm

Living Room, Hope Church Kuching


Christian living involves integrating one's faith into every aspect of life, influencing not only beliefs and values but also practical actions and behaviors. These includes daily decision-making, self-leadership, financial management and time planning. Together, these components form the foundation of a holistic and fulfilling spiritual journey, where faith permeates every aspect of life, guiding believers towards a deeper relationship with God and a life of purpose and impact.

At the end of the course, you will:
1) Learn to make godly decisions across all aspects of life by discerning what's truly beneficial according to God's will.
2) Learn self-leadership skills, cultivating the discipline, integrity, and vision needed for spiritual growth, personal excellence, and impactful living.
3) Gain insight into managing personal finances in line with biblical stewardship principles, avoiding the idolization of money and instead honoring God with your resources to achieve financial freedom and abundance.
4) Explore strategies for effective time management, learning to prioritize commitments and invest time wisely in activities reflecting your values and advancing God's kingdom.

This course is open to all believers. Register by 11 August 2024, 2359hrs

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