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Care & Support

If you’re at a place in your life where you could use additional care or support, we're here for you.

Prayer Requests

We would love to pray for you! Come and approach any of our leaders after services or submit your prayer requests to our prayer team.

Getting Married

If you attend Hope Church Kuching and you are thinking about getting married / engaged to be married, we encourage you to attend the Marriage Preparation Course (TMPC). This is to help you prepare for this life-long commitment and develop a strong foundation of marriage in Christ.

Couples who wish to have their marriage solemnised by Hope Church Kuching are required to meet the marriage guidelines.

Death & Funeral

Losing someone close is part of life, but when it happens it is never easy. We share the grief of those going through bereavement by providing practical help such as:

  • Guidelines and suggestions on how to conduct a funeral service

  • Support to conduct funeral services

If you attend Hope Church Kuching and you have experienced the loss of a family member, please contact your immediate pastoral leaders for help.

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