Practical Discipleship

3 April 2020 (Friday)​


Hope Church Kuching Central

In line with our vision to raise strong disciples this year, we are organising a special night every quarter, called “Strong Disciples: Practical Discipleship”.


This is a night where all Life Groups gather to learn together and relate with each other. On that night, there will be a selection of practical topics that meet the needs of different people in various stages of life. Each topic will be facilitated by those who are experienced in their respective fields.

No prior registration is needed but each topic has a limited capacity on a first come first serve basis.

Child-minding service will be made available at the Parents Lounge.

Image by Scott Webb

Parenting Teenagers:

Understanding Youth

Uncle Lai & Aunty Cher Kun  |  Hatch (Level 1), 50 pax

Teenagers today are faced with many challenges in life that their parents have never faced. Therefore, parents today must try to understand their teenage children. This workshop will better equip parents and care-givers practical handles to connect and parent well their children.

Suitable for parents with children aged 11-18 years old and those who work with teenagers.

Image by Ben Wicks

Healthy Parenting:

Setting Boundaries, Not Control

Vicky Chua |  The Space (Level 1), 150 pax

Bring your ruler: a boundary a line you draw around yourself, is where you end and where your child begins.

Suitable for parents with children aged 10 years old and below.

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Legal Matters

Victor & Annabelle |  Hope Sanctuary (Level 2), 350 pax

Suitable for both working adult and families.


The Word of God in Psalm 49:17 NLT says this very clearly “For when they die, they take nothing with them.  Their wealth will not follow them into the grave.”


So the burning question in our minds would be this, what would then happen to all our material possessions that are left behind? How do we prepare for this, and to ensure that what we want to be given to a particular family member or friend will actually end up in their possession?


Learn the simplest and best way to manage and distribute our possessions, assets and investments; and also how to settle our liabilities so as not to burden others.


“But I don’t have any property or asset,” you may say, “so this doesn’t concern me!” That is not true either. Everyone has some form of an asset, be it in the form of a bank account, precious jewelry, even furniture!


Find out more how to ensure what we want goes to who we want! Get tips and learn how to write our own wills easily!


Ever feel shortchanged, aggrieved or worse, cheated, because the item you bought is not in good condition, and you cannot return it nor get a refund? The water pipes in your new house are leaking and your developer says it is not their responsibility? The screen on your brand new phone has cracks and your supplier says that it is your own fault?


Many of us have been in such situations before and often, we may not have any idea what are our options or where to turn to. Do you bring them to court and sue them – spend money to get back money? Worried about high legal costs?


There are other recourses available to you! There are already special forums, which the Government has put in place for the layman to get simple and cheaper access to justice.

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Introduction to Basic Counselling & Peers Helper

Choi Ling |  Upper Room (Level 2), 50 pax

Let’s come and learn what is counselling all about and who are the peer helpers?

It will be a fun and practical night!

Suitable for youth (13-18 years old)

Image by Tim Mossholder

Why Men Don’t Listen & Women Can’t Read Maps

Pastor Laurence  |  Living Room (Level G), 150 pax

Why men don’t listen and women can’t read maps.


Have you ever asked these questions?

  • Why can’t men do more than one thing at a time?

  • Why do women make a mess of reverse parallel parking?

  • Why do women love to talk?

  • Why do men feel nagged when women talk?

  • Why are women such good listeners?

  • What are the best ways to talk to men?


The fact is that men and women are different.

Join us for this fun topic, so that our interactions and relationships with the opposite sex will be more fulfilling, enjoyable and satisfying.

  • 18 years old  and above only

  • Those seeking to understand the opposite sex better

  • Those seeking to improve friendships and relationships with the opposite sex

  • Suitable for those who are still single