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17 & 24 April 2021

17 April 2021

Saturday, 2-5pm

Foundations (Part 2)

Biblical foundation for daily living. Topics covered will include the Bible, Holy Communion, Evangelism, Stewardship, & Discovering God's Will.

Recommended for new believers & those who would like a refresher on the foundations of faith.

Essentials of a Godly Shepherd

In the Bible, all of us as believers are called to make disciples of all nations. All of us are called to be more like Jesus who is a our Great Shepherd. Whether we are in pastoral ministry or in other ministries, a shepherd's heart is essential in discipling people, embracing them, bringing the best out of them. In this course, let us glean from Ps Simon's years of experience in pastoring people. We pray that each of you shall capture Jesus's heart for people, learn some practical principles to help people grow and how to keep yourself growing and healthy in the midst of shepherding others.

Open to potential Life Group Leaders & Ministry Leaders, Current Assistant Life Group Leaders and Ministry Leaders and above only.

24 April 2021

Saturday, 2-5pm

Christian Speech

Words are powerful, it can either build up or tear down. The Bible warns that the tongue is a fire (James 3:6), our sinful words can spread destruction rapidly and ruin everything around us. In this short course, we will learn together the Christian speech as contrast to the worldly speech and how to establish and maintain positive Christian speech that is constructive, life changing and glorifying to God.

Recommended for all believers.

Discipleship Made Simple

Discipleship was best modelled and exemplified by Jesus. He gave us the Great Commission to make disciples of all nations. It seems like a big complicated task. Ps Denis will break down for us Jesus' way of bringing people one step closer to Him with the model set out in Luke 10.


We will learn about how to:

  • Practice shema in our daily lives,

  • Seek out the person of peace

  • Multiplying disciples and groups through obedience-based discipleship.

You would have heard Ps Denis mentioning phrases like HOHOHO, shema, POP, GOP and BOBILA. This course is designed to tie all of these concepts together so that we can practically live out a life of discipling others. Come and find out more!

Potential Life Group Leaders, Current Assistant Life Group Leaders and above.

Bible Genres and How to Read Them (Part 1 & 2)

God speaks to us through the Bible. But there are times we unintentionally misread the Bible. We miss out that the Bible was written to an audience in a different time and setting from us.


The Bible is also written in different styles of writing, called genres, including Old Testament narratives (or stories), Epistles (letters), Psalms (songs), and Prophecy (poetic).


In this course, we will learn skills to understand how the ancient writings were understood by the original recipients, and how they apply to us today.


At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  1. Understand the basics of Bible interpretation - the then (original listeners) and the now (today's audience).

  2. To gain a basic understand of the Biblical genres (styles of writing) and how to read each genre.

  3. To cultivate good Bible reading skills and habits.

Recommended for all believers.

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