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Next Steps

The goal of Next Steps Academy is to create a learning environment that helps believers to develop connection with God, to grow in maturity and be of service to God and others. Learn more

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Bible Overview

23 April 2022
Saturday, 4-6pm

Speaker: Pastor Laurence Lee

The Bible is a collection of 66 books. What are these books about? How do these books, from Genesis to Revelation, relate to one another? In this short course, you will learn how the whole Bible fits together in God's big plan, as we view it from the perspective of the kingdom of God. You will also learn how all Scripture points to Jesus Christ and His redemptive work for humankind.

This course is suitable for all believers.


Christian Living 2

23 & 30 April 2022
Saturdays, 2-4pm

Speakers: Toh Tze Lea, Joel Than; Fung Chorng Yuan and Leong Gian Wen

The goal of Christian Living Volume 2 is to bring us deeper in our walk with God. In particular, it seeks to shape our character to be more and more Christlike. 


By joining this course, you will learn about: 

  • the biblical view of self- acceptance, the negative consequences of self-rejection, and practical steps in overcoming self-rejection. 

  • the definition of disobedience and obedience from WOG, the cause and effect of obedience and disobedience, how to cultivate an obedience heart.


the wrong concepts of sex, inappropriate and wrong sexual behaviour, the progression of sexual sin and its negative consequences, biblical concepts about sex, sexual purity and holy living. 

  • the causes and consequences of unforgiveness and bitterness, biblical truths about forgiveness, and practical ways to overcome bitterness and unforgiveness 

23 April: Topic 1 & 2 - Self Acceptance & Obedience 
30 April: Topic 3 & 4 - Sexual Purity & Bitterness

This course is recommended for all believers, no pre-requisite is required

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Heart of Praise & Worship

30 April 2022
Saturday, 2-3:30pm

Speaker: Gladys Tan

God isn’t looking for worship, but for worshippers. Singing words to a tune barely scratches the surface of all there is to praise and worship. As we revisit the biblical perspective, principles and practices of worship. we pray that your personal worship will be deepened and our corporate worship richer.

This course is recommended for all believers, no pre-requisite is required.

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Why We Trust the Bible

30 April 2022
Saturday, 4-6pm

Speakers: Pastor Laurence Lee & Victor Ng

Christians hold the Bible to be God's Word. We believe it is incorruptible. It is perfect and does not contain errors. It is powerful to change lives. These bold claims are often challenged. Are the Scriptures really God's Word? Aren't there many errors in the Bible? Isn't the Christian Bible just a book of fables and fictional stories? If these accusations are true, then we do not have a strong basis for our faith. However, if we look carefully, these attacks can be refuted. The Bible proves itself to be trustworthy. In this course, we will learn Why We Trust the Bible. You will gain more confidence in the integrity of God's Word. 

This course is suitable for all believers.