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Sermon Series

Sermon Series

"Our Father": The Lord's Prayer

14 January - 3 March 2024

Sundays, all day

All locations


Prayer is vital in a Christian's life. Sadly, many believers say they do not know how to pray. Yet, Jesus himself provided us with a profound guide through the Lord's Prayer, or also fondly known as the ""Our Father"".

Jesus taught his disciples to pray through this prayer, and it is also relevant for us today.

Over the centuries, the Lord's Prayer has become an essential part of Christian discipleship. Everywhere in the world, people recite it daily in personal prayer and church services.

This 6-part series will unpack components in the Lord's Prayer.

Whether recited word for word, or used as a framework for prayer, the Lord's Prayer remains a timeless and impactful guide for us to connect with our Father in heaven.

Part 1 Communicating with the Father (Matthew 6:5–15)
Part 2 Honouring the Father (Isaiah 6:1–8)
Part 3 Yielding to the Father (Matthew 6:5–15)
Part 4 Depending on the Father (Deuteronomy 8:1-10)
Part 5 Reconciling with the Father (Matthew 18:21–35)
Part 6 Sheltering in the Father (Psalm 91)

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