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Sermon Series

Transformed to Do Good

14 April - 7 July 2024

Sunday, all day

All locations


On the day of Pentecost, Jews from afar returned to Jerusalem for the Passover. They heard the Gospel in their own language and believed in the Lord Jesus (Acts 2:11). Among them were Cretans, who could have been the first believers who formed the church in Crete.
In the Epistle to Titus, Paul gives instructions to his son in the faith Titus who was the pastor of the church of Crete.
The book tells us that those who have trusted in Jesus will experience life transformation: being rooted in sound doctrine, living godly lives and devoting themselves to doing what is good.
In this 10-part series, we will explore each section of this epistle, unpacking its timeless truths and practical applications for our lives today.

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