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Beautiful Feet (Isaiah 52:7)

6 December 2022

Tuesday, 8-9:15pm

Zoom (


We are bombarded by so many news on the social media - be it higher inflation, corruption, tragic death due to accident, we’re subconsciously surrounded by bad news. As Christ's followers, we have a mission to accomplish in this broken, negative world. Where bad news abound, His good news should abound even more.

God has commissioned us to be the messengers with beautiful feet to carry His gospel, proclaiming the good news to this world. If God made our feet beautiful as we proclaim His goodness, how much more will our hands and voice be strengthened as well?

Let us allow God to make our feet beautiful by becoming obedient to wherever He send us to proclaim the good news of peace. Come join us for our first Prayer Hub of the last month of the year on Zoom as we prepare ourselves to bring the light into the dark places, to be His mouthpiece, and to bring the hope to the hopeless as Christmas draws near.