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Our Story

It all began with a small but global vision of winning souls, making disciples and planting churches...

Hope Church Kuching began small, but with a global vision, in March 1992. The first Sunday service was a group of six people who met in the living room of a house.


Pastor Simon Eng led this new church plant, believing that God’s command of the Great Commission is for every believer and that God’s key instrument to bless the world is through His Church.


Meeting together, building relationships, and living out a covenantal love relationship were all part of the lives of the young community of believers. This was vital as the quality of the church truly depends on the quality of every member’s commitment to the Great Commandment – to love God, and to love one another in reality.


A three-fold emphasis of winning souls, making disciples, and planting churches guided the church focus.


The church began to grow larger, with the addition of different language ministries. In time, new church planting work began in different towns in Sarawak and Sabah.


Through it all, we can testify to God’s guiding hand and encouraging support as we faithfully and wholeheartedly gave our lives to fulfilling God’s vision. God has been faithful and he will continue to be faithful to His promises! To God be the glory!

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