Bible Reading


The Bible. No other book has shaped world history as much as the Holy Bible. It is not just any literary work – it is God’s primary way of communicating with us. The Bible guides us, corrects us, teaches us and nourishes us.


Most Christians know the importance of Scripture. They know that it has answers to the challenges they face in life. They know that they need regular feeding of God’s Word. But they still fail to read the Bible.


With this in mind, we have prepared reading plans to help start you on your journey to read the Word in 2020. These 2-week courses will take you quickly through key passages of the Bible.


Choose two weeks in every month to complete these plans.


We wish you a fruitful year to grow strong in the Lord!

2-Week / 14-Day Reading Plans on

Click on Reading Plans above to download PDF version (available in English, Mandarin & Bahasa Malaysia)

Read the Bible by answering these three questions:

  1. What does the passage SAY (observation)?

  2. What does the passage MEAN (interpretation)?

  3. What will I DO in response (application)?

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